Calling all academics: Sign our petition!

We are collecting the signatures of academics and graduate researchers in order to present a targeted petition to the Australian government and the University of Melbourne calling for action for Kylie.

If you’re an academic or graduate researcher, please read the below and follow the link at the bottom of the page to sign the petition.

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Academics Against the Detention of Dr Kylie Moore-Gilbert

We as Australian and international academics are extremely concerned about the safety and well-being of Dr Kylie Moore-Gilbert. Her unlawful and arbitrary detention by the Iranian regime is a grave miscarriage of justice and an assault on academic freedom and the ability for scholars to conduct research. Her arrest is just one example of the broader campaign against democratic values and freedom of expression that has been mounted by authoritarian regimes across the globe in recent years.

In August 2018, Dr Moore-Gilbert travelled to Iran to attend a summer school program on Iranian culture and history, and to undertake interviews with members of Bahrain’s exiled opposition based in the country. For nearly two years, she has been held in solitary confinement, amid grave reports about her deteriorating physical and mental health. Iran has provided no evidence to substantiate Dr Moore-Gilbert’s conviction, although it has a long history of fabricating charges to serve its own agenda. The Australian government has stated that it wholly rejects all charges facing Dr Moore-Gilbert, and maintains that ‘quiet diplomacy’ is the best tool for resolving her case.

Yet this approach appears to have won Dr Moore-Gilbert few favours: in a letter smuggled out of Evin prison in 2019, she complained that she was not receiving the most rudimentary of consular assistance: ‘I never have enough money in my account, because my embassy never transfer me enough money. This has been a consistent problem, even as early as my first meeting with the Australian ambassador 9 months ago.’ This money (estimated to be only AUD$68/month) is crucial because Dr Moore-Gilbert has serious dietary needs and cannot eat regular prison food. She has also been denied regular contact with her family, or avenues to escalate her complaints through the Iranian prison administration. The failure of quiet diplomacy was further evident in July 2020 when Dr Moore-Gilbert was transferred to Qarchak prison, which is known as the ‘worst prison in the world for women’. The Australian government seems to have learned about her transfer to Qarchak after the fact, which suggests that quiet diplomacy has won it very little leverage over Dr Moore-Gilbert’s case.

After nearly two years, the time has come to acknowledge that Australia’s current diplomatic strategy has failed. Although we are certain that the solution to this crisis is a diplomatic one, the University of Melbourne and the Australian government must expend all necessary resources to safeguard not just Dr Moore-Gilbert’s health and safety, but also to defend against this blatant attack on academic freedom, and the liberal democratic values that Australia holds dear. We call on the Australian Government and the University of Melbourne to mount a stronger response to the detention of Dr Moore-Gilbert as both an Australian citizen and as an academic.

We the undersigned:

Demand that the Australian government provides the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) with every resource in order to alleviate the living conditions of Dr Moore-Gilbert and secure her release.

Underline that while Dr Moore-Gilbert’s release is being secured, her safety and well-being must be supported through her transfer from Qarchak prison to a location in which she receives the protections guaranteed under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, of which Iran is a signatory.

Emphasise that the Australian government must demand that Dr Kylie-Moore Gilbert receives appropriate consular, medical and psychological care.

Remind the University of Melbourne that it has a duty of care to Dr Moore-Gilbert as a staff member and that it must do everything it can to secure her release, even if this requires taking a public stance that directly contradicts the position of the Australian government

Call on the Australian government and the University of Melbourne to commit publicly to academic freedom and challenge those countries that seek to undermine our rights as researchers to express ourselves and our research freely.

Reinforce that Australia shall continue to be a bastion for freedom of expression, academic thought and democratic values. Moreover, the Australian government will do everything necessary to safeguard those that continue to conduct research overseas.

Dr Dara Conduit, Deakin University
Dr Rebecca Devitt, Lecturer at Australian Catholic University
Professor Joanne Wallis, University of Adelaide
Dr Adam Hannah, The University of Western Australia
Mr James Blackwell, University of Canberra
Dr Lee Morgenbesser, Griffith University
Philippa Barr, Macquarie University and UNSW
Ms Kate Clayton, La Trobe University
Dr Joshua M. Roose, Deakin University
Dr Alexander Davis, The University of Western Australia
Associate Professor Sandy O’Sullivan, University of the Sunshine Coast
Conjoint Assoc Prof Rachel Heath, University of Newcastle
Dr Jeremiah Thomas Brown, UNSW
Professor Kanishka Jayasuriya, Murdoch University
Richard Vogt, Australian National University
Dr Christine Cunningham, Edith Cowan University
Dr Megan Weier, University of New South Wales
Dr Aidan Craney, La Trobe University
Chris Hartley, University of New South Wales
Dr Jack Noone, University of New South Wales
Dr Chris Salisbury, University of Queensland
Ms Emma Barnes, University of New South Wales
Associate Professor Gemma Carey, UNSW
Dr Sophie Rigney, University of New South Wales
Ms Pamela Buena, University of New South Wales
Dr Meera Varadharajan, University of New South Wales
Dr Marika Sosnowski, German Institute for Global and Area Studies
Dr Matteo Vergani, Deakin University
Dr Elizabeth Buchanan, Deakin University
Associate Professor Gaby Ramia, University of Sydney
Dr Amy Nethery, Deakin University
Associate Professor Shahar Hameiri, University of Queensland
Sophiya Sharma, PhD Candidate, Macquarie University
Professor Peter J. Dean, University of Western Australia
Professor Megan MacKenzie, University of Sydney
Dr Susan Carland, Monash University
Asako Saito, Monash University
Dr David Tittensor, Deakin University
Dr Melissa Johnston, Monash University
Dr Maria Rae, Deakin University
Dr Claire Loughnan, University of Melbourne
Dr Zim Nwokora, Deakin University
Professor Allan McConnell, University of Sydney
Associate Professor Steven Slaughter, Deakin University
Ms Eliza de Burgh, La Trobe University
Dr Samantha Balaton-Chrimes, Deakin University
Dr Benjamin Moffitt, Australian Catholic University
Dr Nazanin Zadeh-Cumming, Deakin University
Dr Scott Burchill, Deakin University
Ms Isabella Saunders, UNSW
Professor Colin Wight, University of Sydney
Professor Andrew Scott, Deakin University
Simon Christie, University of Melbourne
Dr Kiran Pienaar, Deakin University
Dr Jordana Silverstein, University of Melbourne
Dr Evan Smith, Flinders University
Professor Ariadne Vromen ANU
Dr Marko Kovacic, Institute for Social Research, Zagreb, Croatia
Dr Tom Richardson, UNSW Canberra
Professor Kimberlee Weatherall, University of Sydney
Dr Andrew Hobbs, University of Central Lancashire
Dr Radha O’Meara, University of Melbourne
Adam K. Dedman, University of Melbourne
Dr Anita Nissen, Aalborg University
Associate Professor Amani Bell, University of Sydney
Dr Mia Martin Hobbs, University of Melbourne
Andrew Zammit, Monash University
Dr Liyana Kayali, Australian National University
Dr Erica Millar, La Trobe University
Caitlin Overton, University of Western Australia
Dr Niro Kandasamy, University of Melbourne
Mr Shirley Jackson, University of Melbourne
Ms Claire Kennedy, Deakin University
Ms Jennifer Lord, Monash University
Dr Deborah Cleland, ANU
Dr André Brett, University of Wollongong
Dr Carolyn D’Cruz, La Trobe University
Dr Jay Daniel Thompson, RMIT University
Dr Danielle Chubb, Deakin University
Dr Jennifer E Nicholson, University of Sydney
Professor Dr Christopher Lueg, BFH Medical Informatics, Switzerland
Dr Katharine Greenaway, University of Melbourne
Ms Brigid O’Farrell, University of Oxford
Anthony Monte, University of Melbourne
Ms Lucy McGowan, University of Bristol
Assistant Professor Katharine Fortin BA, University of Utrecht
Alejandra Gonza, Affiliate Professor of Law, University of Washington
Dr. Gertjan Hoetjes, University of Groningen
Iain MacGillivray, University of Melbourne
Dr Amanda Harris, University of Sydney
Dr Marilyn Stendera, Deakin University
Professor Catherine Palmer, University of Tasmania
Dr Alison Atkinson-Philips, Newcastle University
Dr Emma Shortis, RMIT University
Dr Jessie Moritz, ANU
Dr Morgan Tear, Monash University
Dr Sonja Memedovic, University of New South Wales
Dr Kyle Harvey, University of Tasmania
A/Prof Nicole Curato, University of Canberra
Ms Marie McGregor, University of New South Wales
Dr Catherine Legg, Deakin University
Caitlin Biddolph, UNSW
Dr Mike Jones, Australian National University
Dr. Markus Bell, La Trobe University
Dr Hilary Martin, University of Cambridge
Dr Lauren Richardson , Australian National University
Dr Tresa LeClerc, RMIT University
Saeed Samani, University of Manchester
Professor Greg Barton, Deakin University
Dr Carla Liuzzo, Queensland University of Technology QUT
Ms Philippa A. Riley, University of Melbourne
Jessicah Mullins, UNSW Canberra
Dr Jo Staines, University of Bristol
Dr Raihan Ismail, ANU
Dr Signe Ravn, University of Melbourne
Dr Ken M.P. Setiawan, University of Melbourne
Associate Professor David Hundt, Deakin University
Dr Chiara De Lazzari, Monash University
Dr Ainsley Elbra, University of Sydney
Dr Sara Dehm, University of Technology Sydney
Stephanie Triefus, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Dr Ian Wilson, Murdoch University
Mr Elliot Clarke, The University of Queensland
Professor Ihsan Yilmaz, Deakin University
Helen Stenger, Monash University
Dr Ben Silverstein, ANU
Dr Rose Butler, Deakin University
Dr Katrin Travouillon, ANU
Dr William Gourlay, Monash University
Dr Liane Hartnett, La Trobe University
Professor Hamit Bozarslan, Ecole des hautes études en sciences sociales, Paris
A/Professor Jane Hutchison, Murdoch University
Professor Bernard Tuch, University of Sydney
Associate Professor Tracey Booth, University of Technology Sydney
Dr Jenna Sapiano, Monash University
Dr Kasey McCall-Smith, University of Edinburgh
Kate Davison, University of Melbourne
Julia Winstone, University of Sussex
Dr Joseph MacKay, ANU
Neal Apel, University of Queensland
Professor Gerd Nonneman, Georgetown University
Emeritus Professor Dennis Altman AM, La Trobe University
Dr. Eccarius-Kelly, Siena College, NY
Assistant Professor Marc Owen Jones, HBKU
Dr Umut Ozguc, Deakin University
A/Prof Ben Spies-Butcher, Macquarie University
Dr Fran Gale, University of Western Sydney
Associate Professor Susan Engel, University of Wollongong
Dr Louise Grimmer, University of Tasmania
Dr Sarah Cameron, University of Sydney
Dr Sophie Yates, UNSW Canberra
A/Prof Gavin Smith, ANU
Dr Sona Hill Kazemi, Ohio State University
Dr Kristian Ulrichsen, Rice University
Dr Abdullah Baabood, Visiting Professor, Middle East Institue, National University of Singapore
Matthew Hedges, Durham University
Professor Dr Katharina Brizic, University of Freiburg
Deniz Cenk Demir, Stanford University
Dr Eloise Wright, University of Michigan
Dr Steven Wright, Hamad bin Khalifa University
Ms Kate Grealy, Australian National University
Professor Anoush Ehteshami, Durham University
Dr Sanam Vakil, Johns Hopkins SAIS Europe
Professor Janet Hiller, Swinburne University
Dr Marisa Della Gatta, University of Bari
Prof Katharine Gelber, University of Queensland
A/Prof Karima Laachir, ANU
Dr Samanthi Gunawardana, Monash University
Professor Dennis Del Favero, UNSW
Dr Peter Ferguson, Deakin University
Professor Roland Bleiker, University of Queensland
Dr Jennifer Martin, Deakin University
Dr Samantha Kruber, Deakin University
Professor Havva N. Ozgen, Duke University- Durham/NC
Dr Keith Barney, ANU
Professor Paul Babie, The University of Adelaide
Dr Jacqui Baker, Murdoch University
Dr Samid Suliman, Griffith University
Dr Roger Lee Huang, Macquarie University
Dr Mubashar Hasan, University of Oslo
Honorary Professor Garry Rodan, University of Queensland
Dr Hanifi Baris, University of Aberdeen
Dr Victoria Mason, Murdoch University
Delvin Varghese, Monash University
Lucia Sorbera, The University of Sydney
Dr Amy Barrow, Macquarie University
Dr Martin Kear, The University of Sydney
Dr Jessica White, The University of Queensland
Dr Simon Samuroff, Carnegie Mellon University
Dr Jan Zwicky, University of Victoria
Dr Delia Falconer, University of Technology Sydney
Dr Karen de Perthuis, Western Sydney University
Stephanie White, University of Technology Sydney
Joshua Yuvaraj, Monash University
A/Professor Asli Telli, University of Siegen
Dr Duc Dau, The University of Western Australia
Kelly Bailey, Curtin University
A/Prof Sarah Phillips, University of Sydney
Professor Annie Cossins, UNSW
Ms Ellen O’Brien, University of Notre Dame
Dr James Keating, UNSW
Dr Victoria Stead, Deakin University
A/Professor Derek Dalton, Flinders University
Professor Pat Caplan, Goldsmiths University of London
Dr Min Ding, University of Western Australia
Erin Watson-Lynn, Curtin University & Monash University
Dr Jodi McAlister, Deakin University
Dr Monika Barthwal-Datta, UNSW
Dr Kathy Vogt, University of Huddersfield
Professor John Dryzek, University of Canberra
Dr Lennon Chang, Monash University
Dr Ana Stevenson, University of the Free State
Dr Nicolas Lemay-Hebert, ANU
Mr Juan Jose Tellez, University of Melbourne
Dr Maria Prager, Stockholm University
Dr Christophe Van Neste, Ghent University
Paul Mullan, Ulster University
Dr Michael Vaughan, Free University of Berlin
Dr Adam Sherwood, University College London
Professor Ken Gelder, University of Melbourne
Dr Lorraine Anderson, University of Dundee
A/Professor, Sigi Jottkandt, UNSW
Thomas Ian Phillips (Retired), University of Melbourne
Dr Ahmet Kerim Gültekin, Leipzig University
Tezcan Gümüş, University of Melbourne
Dr Jumana Bayeh, Macquarie University
Dr Andreas Hild, Bangkok University
Gemma Luscombe, University of Melbourne
Professor Craig Richardson, Loughborough University
Dr Caitlin Hamilton, University of Sydney
Dr Edmund Frettingham, Leiden University
Dr Peter West-Oram, Brighton and Sussex Medical School
Dr Nelia Hyndman-Rizk, UNSW Canberra
Dr Jonathan Fulton, Zayed University
Dr Andrew Hom, University of Edinburgh
Saba Vasefi, Macquarie University
Professor Rebecca Ruth Gould, University of Birmingham
Professor Carole L. Crumley, University of North Carolina
A/Professor Michael Clarke, Australian National University
Dr Gabrielle M. Rose (Retired)
Dr Sybil Nolan, University of Melbourne
Dr Mireille Juchau, University of Sydney
Dr Catherine Barbour, University of Surrey
Dr Kelly Gardiner, La Trobe University
Dr Alexandra Roginski, Deakin University
Professor Mehmet Ugur, University of Greenwich
Dr Alessandro Antonello, Flinders University
Professor Heather Jones, University College London
Mr Fatih Oguzhan, The University of Melbourne
Dr Jenny Hedström, Örebro University, Sweden
Dr Hannah Boast, University of Warwick
Dr Willem Huiskamp, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
Jane High, De Montfort University, England.
Dr Guy Burton, Vesalius College, Brussels
Dr JL. Legalery, University of Franche-Comté
Dustin Johnson, University of Gothenburg
Ms Kit Catterson, University of Sydney
Dr Daniel Green, University of Cambridge
Professor Simon Mabon, Lancaster University
Dr Ülkü Güney, Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien
Keye Tersmette, Harvard University
Dr Margaret Hills de Zarate, Queen Margaret University
Dr Cecilia Leong-Salobir, University of Western Australia
Dr Martin Flanagan, University of Salford
Julliet King, Queen Margaret University
Professor Brendan McCormack, Queen Margaret University
Dr Antoine Falisse, KU Leuven
Dr Carla Pascoe Leahy, University of Melbourne
Professor Jacqui True, Monash University
Dr Erica Sheen, University of York
Dr Jayanthi Lingham, University of Warwick
Benjamin McConnell, Curtin University
Ms Laura Collier, University of Western Australia
Luíza Gimenez Cerioli, University of Marburg
Dr Mary Picone, Institute for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences
Dr Erin O’Brien, Queensland University of Technology
Associate Professor Banita B-Bheenick, RMIT
Dr Jeremy Martens, University of Western Australia
Dr Teresa Belton, University of East Anglia
Dr Michelle Newcomb, Queensland University of Technology
Adrienne McDermid-Thomas, Queen Margaret University
Dr Malcolm Craig, Liverpool John Moores University
Prof Kevin Killeen, University of York
Ms Tracey Griffiths, University of Melbourne
Dr Anya Burgon, University of York
Jonathan Brockbank, University of York
Dr Emma Major, University of York
Dr Stephen Minta, University of York
Dr Yasmin Chilmeran, Monash University
Professor Philip Walsh, York University, Canada
Dr des Jennifer Leetsch, University of Wuerzburg
Dr Eurig Scandrett, Queen Margaret University
Nader Hashemi, University of Denver
A/Professor Gerhard Hoffstaedter, University of Queensland
Dr Emma Whatman, Deakin University
Dr Jerom Stocks, UNSW
Ms Sheryl Wombell, University of Cambridge
Dr Kathleen Flanagan, University of Tasmania
Professor Tariq Modood, University of Bristol
Dr Güneş Murat Tezcür, University of Central Florida
Associate Professor Anthony J.Langlois Flinders University
Dr Christopher R Wilkinson, University of Cambridge
Dr Josephine Scicluna, Deakin University
Dr Kyja Noack-Lundberg, University of Lincoln
Rhianna Elliott, University of Cambridge
Emeritus Professor Dennis Haskell, AM, University of Western Australia
Xiyue Wang, Princeton University
Professor Dr Patrick Franke, University of Bamberg, Germany
Dipl. Eng. Anna Androvitsanea M.Sc. Technical University of Berlin
Professor Megan Warin, University of Adelaide
Ms Rain Ali, The MIECAT Institute
Professor Colin Macleod, University of Victoria
Professor Juan Cole, University of Michigan
Eyad Al Refai, Lancaster University
Professor Gillian Russell University of York
Professor Helen Smith, University of York
Dr Ruth Bartlett, University of Southampton
Dr Hannah-Lena Hagemann, University of Hamburg
Dr Samantha Owen, Curtin University
Professor Dr Christoph Bochinger, University of Bayreuth
Professor Toby Dodge, LSE
Ms Mona Feise, Humboldt University Berlin
Dr Jörn Thielmann, Friedrich-Alexander-Universitaet Erlangen-Nuremberg
Dr Rebecca Duclos, Concordia University
Cristina Mouratidis-Mediouni, Deakin University
Dr Maddeline Daymond, Sydney University
Dr Denis MacEoin, Newcastle University,
Professor Andreas Kaplony, LMU Munich
Dr Sarah Kiyanrad, University of Munich
Professor Jeroen Gunning, King’s College London
Professor Dr Kuvvet Lordoğlu, Kocaeli Solidarity Academy
Dr Ross Porter, University of Exeter
Professor Dr.Johanna Pink, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
A/Professor Deborah Bateson, University of Sydney
John Bibby, University of Lincoln
Dr Maria Elander, La Trobe University
Dr Thomas Phillips, Liverpool John Moores University
Adjunct Professor Hilary Burrage, Northwestern University
Dr Miriam Bankovsky, La Trobe University
Professor Lisel Hintz, Johns Hopkins University SAIS
Dr Steven Heydemann, Smith College
Professor David McKinnon, Edith Cowan University
Dr Philip O’Brien (retired) Murdoch University
Professor Scott Wright, Monash University
Dr Helen Berents, Queensland University of Technology
Dina Tawfic, University of Melbourne
Dr David Boarder Giles, Deakin University
Dr Hsinyen Lai, University of St Andrews
Dr Alam Saleh, ANU
Professor Celine d’Orgeville, ANU
Dr Zahra Tizro, University of East London
Dr Thao Phan, Deakin University
Dr Hakan Yuksel, University of Lille
Amalia Lindo, Monash University
Dr Alissa Macoun, Queensland University of Technology
Marina Deller-Evans, Flinders University
Dr Samuel Cook, University of Oslo
Alainna Liloia, University of Arizona
Behnam M. Fomeshi, University of Sydney
Professor Mohammad Fadel, University of Toronto
Dr Stephanie Carver, Monash University
Dr Jill Sheppard, ANU
Dr Yasmin Chilmeran, Monash University
A/Professor Hernan Cuervo, University of Melbourne
Dr Edwin Jurriens, The University of Melbourne
A/Professor Heather Gibb, Charles Darwin University
Enrica Fei, Bundeswehr University Munich
Mrs Hedva Gloria Edelblum, Open University
Hedva Gloria Edelblum, Open University
Professor Krishna Sen, University of Western Australia
Dr Mark Chalîl Bodenstein, Goethe University
Dr Imogen Richards, Deakin University
Assist. Professor Christian Henderson, Leiden University
Dr Nick Riemer University of Sydney
Dr Thomas Pierret, Aix-Marseille University
Professor John O ‘Brennan, Maynooth University
Dr Ceren Özselçuk, Boğaziçi University
Dr Daisy Ogembo, University of Oxford
Dr Shiraz Maher, King’s College London
Dr Catherine Gegout, University of Nottingham
Dr Stephen Morgan, King’s College London
Dr Francesco Belcastro, University of Derby
Professor Emma Kowal, Deakin University
Lucia Clayton University of Western Australia
Tyler Parker, Boston College
Dr Jennifer A. Hamilton, Amherst College
Dr Matt Buehler, University of Tennessee
Dr Anna Hartnell, Birkbeck College, University of London
Professor Neil Vickers, King’s College London
Dr Alexander Meleagrou-Hitchens, King’s College London
Dr Tatiana Corrales, University of Melbourne
Dr Roger Haydon Mitchell, Lancaster University
Dr Anthony Cox, University of Birmingham
Jacynta Krakouer, The University of Melbourne
Professor Fethi Mansouri, Deakin University
Dr Philippa Derrington, Queen Margaret University
Professor Alex Bellamy, University of Queensland
Dr Rebecca Strating, La Trobe University
Dr Bryan Peeler, University of Manitoba
Professor John Strawson University of East London
Ms Sarah Arieh-Parnell, Interdisciplinary Center
Mahdi Naseri, Monash University
Dr Maria Josua, German Institute for Global and Area Studies
Professor John M. Archer, New York University
Professor Alastair Iles, University of California-Berkeley
Dr Courtney Freer, London School of Economics
Dr Hannah Roche, University of York
Dr Selver Sahin, Bilkent University
Professor Stephane Valter, University of Lyon 2 Lumière
Dr Alice König, University of St Andrews
Dr Fiona Archontoulis, Griffith University
Professor Rodney Weber, University of Wollongong
Dr Kathleen McGuire, Australian Catholic University
Dr Emma Palmer, Griffith University
Professor Anthony Burke, UNSW
Hannah Stamler, Princeton University
Professor John Keane, University of Sydney and WZB
Professor Greg Woolf, University of London
A/Professor Janet Feigenbaum, University College London
Dr Bernadette Mercieca, Australian Catholic University Melbourne
Professor Edward Aspinall, ANU
Dr Michael Champion, Australian Catholic University
Mr Christopher Cox, University of Exeter
Dr Shakira Hussein, University of Melbourne
Ahmad Umar, University of Queensland
Parviz Khazaei, University Of Isfahan
A/Professor Tim Legrand, University of Adelaide
Professor Ian Hall, Griffith University
Dr John Cunningham, Macquarie University (Retired)
Dr Jack Frisch, University of New South Wales (Retired)
Professor Stephen Finlay, Australian Catholic University
Dr Jenny Peterson, University of British Columbia
Ibrahim Genc, Griffith University
Dr Marc Mierowsky, University of Melbourne
Arif Saba, Deakin University
Dr Gavin Mount, University of New South Wales
Dr Lauren Gawne, La Trobe University
A/Professor Greg Skilleter, University of Queensland
Dr Megan Evans, University of New South Wales
Dr Hutan Hejazi, Universidad Europea de Madrid
Dr Yung En Chee, University of Melbourne
A/Prof David Vesey, The University of Queensland
Emeritus Professor Jan Herrington, Murdoch University
Dr Ken Fraser, University of Sydney
Dr Nil Palabıyık, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
Dr Michiko Weinmann, Deakin University
Dr Leo Kretzenbacher, University of Melbourne
Dr Nicola Pratt, University of Warwick
Dr Michael Crowhurst, RMIT University
Professor Sara Davies, Griffith University
Professor Donna Weeks, Musashino University
Professor Michelle Arrow, Macquarie University
Dr David Smith, University of Sydney
Professor Emeritus Joe Lo Bianco, University of Melbourne
Matt Absalom, University of Melbourne
A/Professor Jeffrey Browitt, University of Technology Sydney
Dr Christine Agius, Swinburne University of Technology
Professor Elizabeth Isenring, Bond University
Dr. Mara Pillinger, Georgetown University
Ms Stephanie Dahlsen, Australian Catholic University
Professor Sharon Bessell, The Australian National University
Professor Eileen Webb, University of South Australia
Professor Ian Almond, Georgetown University Qatar
Professor Dr Hannah Reich, University of Applied Science Würzburg
Dr Philipp Bruckmayr, University of Vienna
Dr Johannes Rosenbaum, University of Bamberg
Professor Bill Bowring, Birkbeck University of London
Emile Vaarzon-Morel MA App. Ling H.I.E.C. Sydney (retired)
Dr. Lisa Forman, University of Toronto
Dr Philippa Derrington, Queen Margaret University
Ms Tina Hartland-Swann, Birkbeck, University of London
Professor Neve Gordon, Queen Mary University of London
A/Professor, Yavuz Yasar, University of Denver
Dr Tim Atkins, University of Roehampton
A/Professor Linda Kouvaras, University of Melbourne
Lynda Gilby, Tampere University
A/Professor Keith Davies, Kingston University
Mrs Nicole Mclaughlin, Glasgow Caledonian university
Ms Catherine Mai, University of New South Wales
Professor Carol Watts, University of Sussex
Professor Stef Craps, Ghent University
Mr David Teiner, University of Trier
Dr Danielle Sands, Royal Holloway, University of London
Professor Danielle Fuller, University of Alberta
Professor Laura Salisbury, University of Exeter
Dr Alexandra Haendel, Monash University
A/Professor Graham Bowrey, University of the Sunshine Coast
Dr Gerald Roche, La Trobe University
Dr Niamatullah Ibrahimi, La Trobe University
Dr David Brophy, University of Sydney
Professor Stephen Muecke, Flinders University
Professor Gretta Pecl, University of Tasmania
Dr Yuri Cath, La Trobe University
Dr Jason Gibson, Deakin University
Dr Christopher Mayes, Deakin University
Zuhal Caliskan, Deaking University
Professor John Frow, University of Sydney
Professor Terry Flew, Queensland University of Technology
Professor Greg Hainge, University of Queensland
Emeritus Professor Ariel Heryanto, Monash University
Dr Chris Cousens, La Trobe University
Professor Julian Thomas, RMIT University
Dr Colin Reilly, University of Essex
Professor Nikos Papastergiadis, University of Melbourne
Dr Joanne Harris, Australian Catholic University
Dr Till Mostowlansky, The Graduate Institute Geneva/Monash University
Dr Fulvio Frijo, Australian Catholic University Melbourne
Ms Miranda Gronow, University of Oxford
Dr Tracey Arkla,y Griffith University
Professor Sean Cubitt, University of Melbourne
Emeritus Professor Lesley Johnson, University of Technology Sydney
Dr Wendy Haslem, University of Melbourne
Simon During, University of Melbourne
Dr Annisa R. Beta, University of Melbourne
A/Prof Beth Driscoll, University of Melbourne
Dr Hannah McCann, University of Melbourne
Professor Scott McQuire, University of Melbourne
Professor Tony Bennett, Western Sydney University
Dr Kirsten Stevens, University of Melbourne
Dr Harriette Richards, University of Melbourne
Professor John Sinclair, University of Melbourne
Professor Elspeth Probyn University of Sydney
Professor Wanning Sun, UTS
Ms Christina Semasingha, Deakin University
Andrew Dougall, University of Queensland
Emeritus Professor Susan Sheridan, Flinders University
Ms Julie Blythe, La Trobe University
Emeritus Professor David Rowe, Western Sydney University
Professor Ghassan Hage, University of Melbourne
Carolyn Leslie, La Trobe University
Mr Ben Cooke, Griffith University
Professor Meaghan Morris, University of Sydney
Farkhondeh Akbari, ANU
Dr Andrew Vandenberg, Deakin University
A/Professor Matt McDonald, University of Queensland
Emeritus Professor Rodney Tiffen, University of Sydney
Professor Ien Ang, Western Sydney University
Azadeh Davachi , Deakin University
Professor Anne Freadman, University of Melbourne
Dr Nicholas Ng, Western Sydney University
Dr Alexandra Wong, Western Sydney University
Professor Jamie Peck, University of British Columbia
Emeritus Professor Tim Rowse, Western Sydney University
Professor Robyn Bushell, Western Sydney University
Professor Caryl Phillips, Yale University
Dr Girish Lala, Western Sydney University
Professor Elizabeth Webby, University of Sydney
Professor Baden Offord, Curtin University
Dr Marcelle Townsend-Cross, Southern Cross University
Emeritus Professor Kay Anderson, Western Sydney University
Dennis C. McCornac, Georgetown University Qatar
Professor Stephanie Trigg, University of Melbourne
Elizabeth Lara, Deakin University
Dr Kim Lam, Deakin University
Dr Mark Nicholls, University of Melbourne
Emeritus Professor David Carter, University of Queensland
A/Professor Rob Garbutt, Southern Cross University
Professor Bridget Griffen-Foley, Macquarie University
Dr Anthony Lambert, Macquarie University
Dr Kate Rossmanith, Macquarie University
Chris Healy, University of Melbourne
Dr Tom Murray, Macquarie University
Dr Willa McDonald, Macquarie University
A/Professor Denis Byrne, Western Sydney University
A/Professor Philippa Collin, Western Sydney University
A/Professor Mary Ana McGlasson, Deakin University
A/Professor John Kinder, University of Western Australia
A/Professor Anna Poletti, Utrecht University
Dr Anna Popova, Australian Catholic University
Professor Simon Fleming, University of Sydney
Professor Emma Waterton, Western Sydney University
Dr Carla Ferstman, University of Essex
Professor Shelley Trower, University of Roehampton
Professor Richard Garnett, University of Melbourne
Ensieh Fooladi, Monash University
A/Professor Andrew Alter, Macquarie University
Professor Heike Bauer, Birkbeck, University of London, UK
Dr Joy Penman, Monash University
Dr Elizabeth Jackson, University of the West Indies
Dr Gillian Roberts, University of Nottingham
Dr Isabel Davis, Birkbeck, University of London
Jodie Davidson, Edith Cowan University
Dr Elena Loizidou, Birkbeck, University of London
Dr Kadir Yildirim, University of Duisburg-Essen
Angelique Stefanopoulos, Deakin University
Dr Simon Wolfgang Fuchs, University of Freiburg
Fay White, Lecturer, University of the Southern Caribbean
Dr Danyel Reiche, Georgetown University Qatar
Professor Michael Keane, Curtin University
Professor James Arvanitakis, Western Sydney University
Ms Romaine Logere, RMIT University
Dr Luisa Calè, Birkbeck, University of London
Dr Alison Holland, Macquarie University
Dr Christopher Lloyd, University of Hertfordshire
Honorary Professor Dr Sue Ballyn, University of Barcelona
Emeritus Professor Graeme Turner, University of Queensland
Dr Marc Valeri, University of Exeter
Dr Anthony Lambert, Macquarie University
Dr Catie Gressier, University of Western Australia
Dr Anthea Taylor, University of Sydney
Dr Anthony Lambert, Macquarie University
Dr Robert Horvath, La Trobe University
Dr Caitlin Mollica, Queensland University of Technology
Professor John Goodby, Sheffield Hallam University
Liam Connell, LSE
Professor Hugh Haughton, University of York
Dr Maya Ebrahimi Zanjani, Monash University
Dr Ronan Lee, Queen Mary University of London
Professor Martin Paul Eve, Birkbeck, University of London
Professor Dr Karénina Kollmar-Paulenz, University of Bern
Dr des Monika Amsler, University of Zurich
Ana Tankosic, Curtin University
Professor Dr Dr Peter Antes, Leibniz Universität Hannover (Germany)
MA Stefanie Burkhardt, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
Dr Lisa Hartley, Curtin University
Ao. Univ. Professor Dr Hans Gerald Hoedl, University of Vienna
Kate Macfarlane, ANU
Emeritus Professor Russell Celyn Jones, Birkbeck, University of London
Dr Isabella Schwaderer, University of Erfurt
Professor Dr Kianoosh Rezania, Ruhr University of Bochum
Dr Jane Simon, Macquarie University
Óscar Ortega, University of Barcelona
Professor Catherine Johnson, University of Huddersfield
Professor Thomas Juneau, University of Ottawa
Dr Chelsea Barnett, University of Technology, Sydney
Professor Rex Brynen, McGill University
Emeritus Professor Reg Whitaker, York University
Regine Schwab, Goethe University Frankfurt
Professor Dr Perry Schmidt-Leukel, University of Muenster
Donna Robinson Divine, Smith College
Professor Jo Winning, Birkbeck, University of London
Dr Steve Hewitt, University of Birmingham
Dr Rainer Neu, University of Duisburg-Essen
Dr Tilmann Trausch, Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn
Dr Marina Sharpe, Royal Military College Saint-Jean
Mr Heath Pickering, Leuven Public Governance Institute
Professor Dr Gunter Prueller-Jagenteufel, University of Vienna
Dr Maria Ryan, University of Nottingham
Dr Simone Heidegger, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Christina Wöstemeyer, Leibniz University
Professor Jamie Peck, University of British Columbia
Dr Caroline Edwards, Birkbeck, University of London
Professor Manfred B Steger, Western Sydney University
A/Professor Fiona Jenkins, ANU
Professor Morgan P Miles, Charles Sturt University
Professor Megan Watkins, Western Sydney University
Professor Matthew Fitzpatrick, Flinders University
Professor Mark Morrison, Charles Sturt University
Dr Kate Burns, Monash University
Professor Keri-Leigh Cassidy, Dalhousie University
Professor Richard Maltby, Flinders University
Dr Kyu Jin Shim, University of Melbourne
Elham Naeej, University of New South Wales
Professor Anne Freadman, University of Melbourne
Dr Jennifer Beckett, University of Melbourne
Professor Kevin Parton, Charles Sturt University
A/Professor Mark Davis, University of Melbourne
Dr Simon Wright, Charles Sturt University
Dr. Shuhrat Baratov, University of Canberra
Professor Leslie A Weston, Charles Sturt University
Dr Kate McBride, Western Sydney University
Elizabeth Lara MSc, Deakin University
Mr Nicholas Alexander Fabbri, University of Melbourne
Dr Mark Harrison, University of Tasmania
Dr Evan Jones, University of Sydney
Anna Kent, Deakin University
Tatiana Andersen, University of Wollongong
Professor Besime Sen, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University
Emeritus Professor Grant Steven, University of Sydney
Melissa Connor, University of Adelaide
Dr Fabienne Collignon, University of Sheffield
A/Professor Lena Danaia, Charles Sturt University
Dr Louise Owen, Birkbeck, University of London
Dr Warwick Baines, Charles Sturt University
A/Professor Ruth Morgan, ANU
Dr Kate Dooley, University of Melbourne
Jennifer Jorm, University of Queensland
Emil Archambault, University of Durham
Mr Steve Murphy, Charles Sturt University
Dr John Munro, University of Birmingham
Mr Paul Parker, Charles Sturt University
Dr Alix Beeston, Cardiff University
Dr Hollie Pich, University of Sydney
Miriam Bohn, Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
Dr Rahul Ganguly, CSU
Dr Vinita Joseph, University of Kent
Dr Diletta De Cristofaro, Northumbria University
Dr Christian Emery, University College London
Dr Josh Bullock, Kingston University, London
Dr Anna Ball, Nottingham Trent University
Professor Lucia Boldrini, Goldsmiths, University of London
Professor Robert Young, New York University
Dr Jenny James Taylor, Tyndale House, Cambridge
Emeritus Professor Rod Edmond, University of Kent
Dr Anna Bernard, King’s College London
Dr Warwick Baines, Charles Sturt University
Dr Paul Bendor-Samuel, Executive Director, Oxford Centre for Mission Studies
Mr Mat Carney, University of Melbourne
Adjunct A/Professor, Michael Liffman, Swinburne University
Carine Chelhot Lemyre, University of St Andrews
Ms. Haily Tran, Deakin University
Professor Teresa Senserrick, Queensland University of Technology
Dr Gareth Stanton, Goldsmiths, University of London
Dr Íde Corley, National University of Ireland, Maynooth
Dr Clare Copley, University of Central Lancashire
Professor Peter Morey, University of Birmingham
Professor Sharon Bessell, ANU
Professor Catherine O’Leary, University of St Andrews
Dr Lloyd Ridgeon, University of Glasgow
Dr Kamran Matin, Sussex University, UK
Dr Jeremy Wildeman, University of Ottawa
A/Professor Jihan Zakarriya, Dhofar University
A/Professor Paola Rivetti, Dublin City University
Dr Zahra Khosroshahi, University of East Anglia
Professor Mona Baker, University of Manchester, UK
Dr Mark Ayyash, Mount Royal University
Dr Nair Anaya, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)
Meir Javedanfar, IDC Herzliya
Dr Lewis Turner, Newcastle University (UK)
A/Professor Dr Denis V. Volkov, National Research University Higher School of Economics (HSE, Moscow)
Dr Peter Hill, Northumbria University
Professor Helen Carr, Goldsmiths, University of London
Emeritus Professor Richard Tapper, SOAS University of London
Dr Shun Watanabe, Kyoto University
Professor Khaled Fahmy, University of Cambridge
Dr Anthony Gorman, University of Edinburgh
Dr Noura Wahby, University of Cambridge
Dr Michael Mason, LSE
Professor Dr Irene Artigas Albarelli, UNAM
Professor Çiğdem Balım, Indiana University
Dr Gabriela García Hubard, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico
Dr Isabel Hubard, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Emeritus Professor Lyn Innes, university of Kent, Canterbury, UK
Julia Constantino, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico
Dr Nattie Golubov, UNAM Mexico
Professor Dr Michael Stausberg, University of Bergen
Professor Aurora Piñeiro, National Autonomous University of Mexico
Professor James Reardon-Anderson, Georgetown University
Professor Nadje Al-Ali, Brown University
Dr Jacob Norris, University of Sussex, UK
Dr Oliver Vodeb, RMIT University
Dr Stephen Haigh, Vrije University
Josh Bunting, University of Manchester
Dr Teodora Todorova, The University of Warwick
Caitlin Schmid, University of Manchester
Dr Barbara Deutschmann, University of Divinity
Ms Hannah Owens, Queen Mary, University of London
Professor Craig Moritz, ANU
Dr Lana McCarthy, Charles Sturt University
Dr Ana Afonso Silva, Ecole Normale Supérieure Paris
Dr Kaya Klop-Toker, University of Newcastle
Dr John Moreton, University of Leeds
Professor Cristina Rocha, Western Sydney University
Jenny Dwyer, Charles Sturt University
Dr Andrea Griffin, University of Newcastle
Dr Sverre Molland, Australian National University
Mark Durie, Melbourne School of Theology
Dr Sonja Molnar, University of Melbourne
Dr Monique Cormier, University of New England
A/Professor Emeritus, Dr Murray Edmond, University of Auckland
Professor Harry Blagg, University of Western Australia
Dr Erin Stapleton, University of Melbourne
A/Professor C.R. Pennell, University of Melbourne
Mr Evan Lawless, Curtin University
Dr Nathalie Butt, The University of Queensland
Dr Bede Scott, Nanyang Technological University
Dr Liam Phelan, University of Newcastle
Damian Berger, La Trobe University
Dr Raul Sanchez Urribarri, La Trobe University
Dr Rachael Gunn, Macquarie University
Mr Scott Spillias, University of Queensland
Ingrid Baker, University of Queensland
Ms Christine Mauger, University of Queensland
Maestra Argentina Rodríguez, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico
CJ Yong, University of Queensland
Dr Graham Fulton, University of Queensland
Professor Deborah Stevenson, Western Sydney University
Dr James Deehan, Charles Sturt University
Jaramar Villarreal Rosas, University of Queensland
Teghan Collingwood, The University of Queensland
Dr Tamara Cumming, Charles Sturt University
Dr Romane Cristescu, University of the Sunshine Coast
Samantha Sanders, University of Newcastle
Cassandra Bugir, University of Newcastle
Professor Murray Rudman, Monash University
Dr Hendrik Kraetzschmar, University of Leeds
Fatemeh Masjedi, Marc Bloch Institute
Dr Paul Esber, Sydney University
John A. Bourdouvalis, Deakin University
Professor Geoffrey Khan, University of Cambridge
Redmond Barry Distinguished Professor Barbara Creed, University of Melbourne
A/ Professor Rod Fensham, University of Queensland
Anna Ehinger, Lund University
Dr Katherine Mullin, University of Leeds
A/Professor Christine Robins, University of Exeter
Dr Naomi Foyle, University of Chichester
Dr Sara Lodge, University of St Andrews
Dr Richard Bean, University of Queensland
Dr Pearse McCusker, University of Edinburgh
Dr Hugh Dunkerley, University of Chichester, UK
A/Lecturer Hilly Janes, University of the Arts London
Ms. Jane Lowe, University of Nottingham
Jay Ryder, University of Melbourne
Professor Michele Grossman, Deakin University
Professor Robert Cribb, ANU
Catherine Cobham, University of St Andrews
Dr Adriana de Teresa Ochoa, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Dr Donal Lowry, University of Oxford
Dr Pia Pichler, Goldmiths, University of London, UK
Dr Hazel Gray, University of Edinburgh
Dr Sean L Maxwell, University of Queensland
Dr Jessie Wells, University of Melbourne
Louisa Lim, University of Melbourne
Professor Alexander Greer, Brooklyn College
Dr Asha McNeill, University of Western Australia
Dylan Bird, Swinburne University of Technology
A/Professor Marie Segrave, Monash University
Dr. J.E. Peterson, Independent Researcher
Dr Rocío Saucedo, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Yuki Okabe, Kyoto University
Dr Jennifer Silcock, University of Queensland
Dr Shukla Sikder, Lecturer, Charles Sturt University
Safi Taye, Deakin University
Dr Vanessa Hayes, University of Western Australia
A/Professor Jacqueline Alderson, University of Western Australia
Kirsty Bennett, Lancaster University
Christine Haley, Western Sydney University
Professor David Johnson, The Open University, UK
Professor John Nagle, Queen’s University Belfast
Dr. Elen Shute, Flinders University
Dr Jay Song, University of Melbourne
Dr Elena Abrusci, University of Essex
Professor Michael Murray, University of Adelaide
Sebastian Hutschenreuter, Radboud University Nijmegen
Jennifer Percival, ANU
Dr Debra McDougall, University of Melbourne
Professor David Stern, ANU
Dr Brooke Van Zanden, University of Technology Sydney
Dr David Duriesmith, The University of Sheffield
A/Professor Bruce Ashford, University of Wollongong
A/Professor Alan Pearce, La Trobe University
Dr Tanya King, Deakin University
Professor David Farrier, University of Edinburgh
Meghan Hopper, Monash University
Dr. Siobhan O’Halloran, University of Oslo
Professor David Maxwell, University of Cambridge
Dr Esther Doecke, Victoria University
Zoë Coombe, Deakin University
Dr Zoe Groves, University of Leicester
Dr Luke Moffett, Queen’s University Belfast
Dr Jacob Eriksson, University of York
Professor Ana Ortiz, universidad autónoma de mexico (UNAM)
Professor David Simon, Royal Holloway, University of London
Dr Irene Fernández-Molina, University of Exeter
Dr Ariane Tabatabai, Columbia University
Dr Annelle Sheline, Rice University
Dr Afshon Ostovar, Naval Postgraduate School
Karina Lamas Evangelista, National Autonomous University of Mexico
Linda Wollersheim, Deakin University
Peter Samsa, University of Wollongong
Balkı Begumhan Bayhan, Coventry University
Professor Terrance Kubiseski, York University USA
Dr Narelle Warren, Monash University
Sara Cheikh, Deakin University
Dr Helen Mayfield, University of Queensland
Molly Murphy, University of Queensland
Dr Ali Mozaffari, Deakin University
Dr Juliet O’Brien, University of British Columbia
Dr Peter Walters, The University of Queensland
Miss Laena D’Alton, La Trobe University
Professor Erin Jenne, Central European University
Fiona O’Shea, University of Western Australia
Andrew Phillips, University of Queensland
Dr Jonathan Anthony Holbrook, University of Cambridge
Dr Lauren Minsky, New York University
Chiara Anna Cascino, University of Naples “L’Orientale (Italy)
Dr Adam Solomon, Carnegie Mellon University
Aslam Kakar, Rutgers University
Professor Mustafa A. Amin, Rice University
Adjunct Professor Rosalyn Shute, Flinders University
Dr Paula Boddington, New College of the Humanities, London
Pegah Behroozi Nobar, University of British Columbia
Dr Fiona Couper Kenney, University of Edinburgh
Dr Leila Kamali, University of Liverpool
Professor Robert Eaglestone, Royal Holloway, University of London
Professor Gail Marshall, University of Reading
Professor Michele Grossman, Deakin University
Professor Martine Maron, The University of Queensland
Dr Cobi Calyx, University of New South Wales
Professor Ana Carden-Coyne, University of Manchester
Dr Nicholas Cron, LSE
Dr Marsha Levine, University of Cambridge
Professor Laura Marcus, University of Oxford
Professor Trevor Cooling, Canterbury Christ Church University
Dr Kate Gomersall, University of Melbourne
Dr Sally K Church, University of Cambridge
Elizabeth Coulter, University College London
Professor John Chalcraft, LSE
Lynne Lacock, York St John University
Mrs Margaret Cooling, University of Durham
Professor Martin Ebert, University of Western Australia
Professor Mandy Turner, University of Manchester
Professor Greg Noble, Western Sydney University
Manella Perera, Curtin University
Dr Dylan Lino, University of Queensland
Dr Marielle Debos, University of Paris Nanterre
A/Professor Melinda Hinkson, Deakin University
Dr Vivian Gerrand, Deakin University
Professor Debi Ashenden, Deakin University
Ms Courtney Hempton, Deakin University
Professor Anita Harris, Deakin University
A/ Professor Eben Kirksey, Deakin University and Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton
Dr Diarmaid Harkin, Deakin University
Dr Giles Fielke, University of Melbourne
Ms Esmé James, University of Melbourne,
Dr Michelle Gibson, The University of Queensland
Professor Vanessa Smith, University of Sydney
Professor Georg Gottwald, University of Sydney
A/Professor Kate Lilley, University of Sydney
Chris Maiorana, Binghamton University
Carina Truyts, Deakin University
Dr Alun R. Coker, University College London.
Sean Wallis, University College London
Natalie Sambhi, ANU
Professor Dr Manuela Picq, Universidad San Francisco de Quito
Julio César Díaz Calderón, University of Florida
Kiran Asher, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA
Parviz Khazaei, University of Isfahan
Professor Angela Webster
Professor Momin Rahman, Trent University, Canada
Dr Matthew Waites, University of Glasgow
Javier Corrales, Amherst College
Professor Lena Lavinas at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
A/Professor Monica Herz, Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro
Dr Herbert Docena, University of the Philippines-Diliman
Research Director Emerita Helena Hirata, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France
Professor Dr Marianne Braig, Freie Universität Berlin
A/Prof Cai Wilkinson, Deakin University
Professor Leda Paulani, University of São Paulo
Dr Philip Mader, Institute of Development Studies (UK)
Dr Elisa Van Waeyenberge, SOAS University of London
A/Professor, Matthew Shlomowitz, University of Southampton
Dr Newton Armstrong, City, University of London
Dr Andrea Taschetto, UNSW
Dr Angela M. Maharaj, University of New South Wales.
Dr Lorinda Cramer, Australian Catholic University
Cameron Allan McKean, Deakin University
Dr Timothy Neale, Deakin University
Chloe Green, University of Melbourne
Ms Catherine Bow, Charles Darwin University
Dr Barbara Bok, Swinburne University of Technology
Dr Martin Kear, University of Sydney
Dr Cath Moore, University of Melbourne
Dr Glenn Kefford, University of Queensland
Elizabeth Duncan, University of Sydney
Ashlee Cunningham, Deakin University
Professor Andrew Yeo, The Catholic University of America
Dr Mathew Davies, ANU
Dr Cameo Dalley, Deakin University
Professor Haim Yacobi, DPU University College London
Penny Wheeler, Australian Catholic University
Ms Isabelle Guenther, Monash University
Dr Stacy D Fahrenthold, University of California Davis
Professor Christian Reus-Smit, University of Queensland
Lily Z Rahim, Georgetown University
A/Professor Monica Minnegal, University of Melbourne
A/Professor Rebecca Wickes, Monash University
Dr Marcelo Svirsky, University of Wollongong
Professor Helen Borland, Victoria University
Dr Kalissa Alexeyeff, University of Melbourne
Gary Dickson, Monash University
Honorary Professor John Tully, Victoria University, Melbourne
Dr Michele Lobo, Deakin University
Dr Sarah Hayes, Deakin University
Mr James Paterson, Monash University
Dr Richard Martin, University of Queensland
A/Prof Benjamin Isakhan, Deakin University
A/Professor Sally Totman Marshall, Deakin University
Professor Michelle Pace, Roskilde University
Professor Catarina Kinnvall, Lund University
Dr Marcello Carammia, University of Catania
Dr Jane Carey, University of Wollongong
Michael Pearson, Australian Catholic University
Dr Christiane Fröhlich, GIGA Hamburg
Dr Remy Davison, Monash University
Professor Eckart Woertz, German Institute for Global and Area Studies (GIGA) and University of Hamburg
Professor Richard Parncutt, University of Graz, Austria
Emeritus Professor Dorothy Bruck, Victoria University
Dr Laura Horn, Roskilde University
Dr Julie Stephens, Victoria University
Dr Laura Panza, University of Melbourne
Dr Andrea Stanton, University of Denver
Dr Costas Laoutides, Deakin University
Dr Sara Roy, Harvard University
Dr Hannah Robert, La Trobe Law School
Professor Henry Munson, University of Maine
Dr Clea McNeely, University of Tennessee Knoxville
Emeritus Professor Phillip Deery
Professor Didier Fassin, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton
Dr Philip Eldridge, University of Tasmania (Associate Professor retired)
Martin Abbott, Cornell University
Professor Didier Fassin, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton
Professor Denis Sullivan, Northeastern University, Boston
Emeritus Professor Lawrence Davidson, West Chester University
Dr James Sater, University of Malta
Dr Dana M. Moss, University of Notre Dame, USA
Antonio Gonzalez, ADI
Dr Anna Khakee, University of Malta
Dr Maria Pisani, University of Malta
Professor Kate O’Neill, University of California at Berkeley
A/Professor Clare Vassallo, University of Malta
Professor Joshua Landis, University of Oklahoma
Dr John Tang, University of Melbourne
Dr Jeff Garmany, University of Melbourne
Dr Quah Ee Ling, University of Wollongong
Dr Billy Griffiths, Deakin University
Ruth Gamble, La Trobe University
Dr Hadeel Abdelhameed, La Trobe University
A/Professor Maria Rost Rublee, Monash University
Kelly Chan, RMIT
Dr Alexis Bergantz, RMIT
A/Professor Sally Totman Marshall, Deakin University
Dr Ari Jerrems, Monash University
Dr Julie Kimber, Swinburne University of Technology
Dr Julie Stephens, Victoria University
Professor Patricia Goedde, Sungkyunkwan University / Korea
Dr Sianan Healy, La Trobe University
Dr Tim Glawion, German Institute for Global and Area Studies
A/Professor David MacKenzie, University of South Australia
Professor Efrem Castelnuovo, University of Melbourne
Dr Joëlle Vailly, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
Tommaso M. Milani, University of Gothenburg
Mr Georgios Nikolaidis, Monash University
Dr Hussein Tahiri, Victoria University
Dr Zahid Ahmed, Deakin University, Australia
Dr Tobias Theiler, University College Dublin
Professor Niamh Hardiman, University College Dublin
Dr Joseph Lacey, University College Dublin
Professor Ben Tonra, University College Dublin
Dr Dawn Walsh, University College Dublin
Dr Heidi Riley, University College Dublin
Dr Stephanie Dornschneider, University College Dublin
Dr Alexa Zellentin, University College Dublin
Dr Mark A. Boyer, University of Connecticut
Dr Peter Harris, Colorado State University
Noemi Casati, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris
Dr Suraina Pasha, LSE
Ms Rachel Morrison-Dayan, Monash University
Professor Ben Tonra, University College Dublin
A/Professor Yolanda K. Spies, Zayed University
Dr Fiona McCallum Guiney, University of St Andrews
A/Professor Gary Fryer, Victoria University
Dr Yasemin Allsop MBE, University College London
Loretta Baldassar, University of Western Australia
Giulia Marchetti, University of Western Australia
Dr James Scambary, RMIT University
Dr Thomas Richter, German Institute of Global and Area Studies (GIGA)
Dr Natasha Saunders, University of St Andrews
Dr Javier Argomaniz, University of St Andrews
Dr Tim Wilson, University of St Andrews
Anneleen van der Meer, University of St Andrews
Professor Andrew Williams, University of St. Andrews, UK
Olga Burkhardt-Vetter, University of St Andrews
Muneerah Razak, University of St Andrews
Sneha Reddy, University of St Andrews
Professor John Anderson, University of St Andrews
Marta Furlan, University of St Andrews
Kurt Bassuener, University of St Andrews
Robert Turner, University of St Andrew’s
Sebastian Stammler, Technical University of Darmstadt
Professor Emeritus Chris Trotter, Monash University
Dr Mairi Neeves, Goldsmiths, University of London
Ms Tamara Al-Om, University of St Andrews
Ms Yianna Zhang, University of Melbourne
Elizabeth Lara, Deakin University
Dr Ines Dunstan, University of the Sunshine Coast
Dr Seamus Donnelly, ANU
Dr Josepha Wessels, Malmö University
Samuel Ross, Trinity College Dublin
Dr Anna Probert, University of Fribourg
Professor Andrea Witcomb, Deakin University
Associate Professor Cecily Maller, RMIT University
Professor Richard Tanter, University of Melbourne
Mr Eric Snowball, Australian Catholic University
Dr Anita Moyes, Curtin University
Dr Camilla Palmer, UNSW
Dr Charlotte Regan, University of Oxford
Professor Marco Festa-Bianchet, Univ. de Sherbrooke, Canada and Honorary Prof, ANU
Dr Emma Davies, Oxford Brookes University
Dr Dominik Schneider, Washington State University
Dr Chloe Wardropper, University of Idaho
Professor Nigel Perkins, The University of Queensland
A/Professor Shanthi Robertson, Western Sydney University
Professor Mark S. Boyce, University of Alberta
Professor Lisette Waits, University of Idaho
Freya Croft, University of Wollongong
Professor Susan Rossell, Swinburne University
Dr Marco Savi, University of Milano-Bicocca
Junior Professor Dr Andreas Lammer, Trier University
Dr Amy Hamilton, University of Melbourne
Mr Jesse Xu, University of Sydney
Josie Reade, University of Melbourne
Mr Lavan Ruban, Monash University
Dr Catherine Settle, Australian Catholic University
Dr Sarah Hoare, University of Cambridge
Dr Emily Roycroft, Australian National University
Dr Marco Savi, University of Milano-Bicocca
Parviz Khazaei, University of Isfahan
Dr Simon Scott, University of Birmingham
Ms Amanda Lilleyman, Charles Darwin University
Dr Esther Via, University of Barcelona
Dr Marianne Menictas, Harvard University
Timoci O’Connor, University of Melbourne
Dr Aleksandar Deejay, Australia National University
Parviz Khazaei / A member of Amnesty International Liechtenstein and Switzerland
Dr Patricia Ferrada Toledo, INACAP Sede Valdivia, Chile
A/Prof Jessica Wilkinson, RMIT University
Professor Dominique Parrish, Macquarie University
Kassandra Ford, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Dr. Emily Lesher, Saint Joseph’s college
Dr Doug MacKie, Melbourne Business School